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Use our straightforward online tool to construct interaction networks and models of biological processes using publically available data.

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Build networks as a team, share your projects privately.

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Make your projects public so that anybody can import them and work with them. Freely exchange network data supporting a publication.

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Simple. Start building in seconds.

Our online tool is integrated with major databases so you can retrieve data automatically as you construct the network.

Dive right in, generate a network and start exploring interactions.

Type a list or upload a file below.
If you only input one gene, select "Include interactors of this gene"

Enter a comma separated list of genes:

Or select a file to upload (one gene per line, not comma separated):

Interaction type:
Throughput (BioGRID only):

N.B. If the list is large this may take a moment to load.

Embed networks in any website.

Use the iframe code we automatically generate for you and paste it on your HTML page.

Open. Freely exchange network data.

We aim to make sharing network data as easy as possible. Publish projects for anybody to EXPLORE and use with one click.

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Free. Let's get started.

esyN is developed at the University of Cambridge by work Funded by the Wellcome Trust and MRC.