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Welcome to esyN!

Click in the blue area to create/ edit nodes and edges.

Add conditions to edges to create the logic of your model.

In the Advanced Tools you can create custom rules, edit variables and run your model.

Creating edge from: .




Edit edge conditions

Network name:
Project Name:

Advanced tools

Retrieve Interactions for the Selected Node.


Find the Most Central Nodes in the Network

Advanced Options:

Highlight path to node

Select a node to highlight all paths to this node from the root of the tree

Run in batch mode

Run the model for every row of a csv file containing input data. No data is sent to esyN servers. Columns can be in any order and any additional columns added to the template will be ignored.

Upload your batch file and click Run. A summary of the results will be shown below. You can download the results table by clicking download, or explore the results under the "Run" tab by clicking "Send to dataset".

to download a template to fill in and upload.

Select a file:

Leaf nodes

Leaf nodes have no outgoing edges. These are the intended end points (e.g. final diagnosis of a patient) when the model runs. Highlight all leaf nodes to see where they lie in your model.

Run the decision tree

Generate a basic interface to your model, then test the results. Required inputs are shown with a *.

Results will be shown here

Edit model variables

Create and edit variable groups

Create a new variable group. Name:
Select a group to edit

Select a group to edit

Variables in group:

Remove selected variables from this group
Rename group to
Delete group

Edit variables

Select a variable to edit its properties and see how it is used in the model

Select a variable to edit

Required variable
Rename to
Current group:
Assign to group

Edit calculators and rules

Calculators infer missing values based on user input. Rules determine when the model is valid.

You can refer to variables in your model by including the name in single quotes e.g.

IF: 'var_a' > 5 and ('x' < 10 or 'y' < 15)

Rule name:
select a variable set value to

Describe your model

Provide any useful background or explanation for your model. This will be shown to users as a guide.

Global settings for your model

Here you can provide global, model-level configuration.

Calculator Mode

Decide how calculators should be used. This determines when calculated values can overwrite user-provided vales. The options are always overwrite, only replace missing values, replace missing values if required, and disable all calculators (i.e. off).

Output type

Provide the intended data type to interpret your model leaf nodes. This does not affect the content of your model, it is only to indicate to other tools how the results are intended.

Run checks for model consistency

This set of tests checks the logical consistency of your model and that it is technically valid. This doesn't mean the model is correct, but it should run.

Invert conditions Experimental

Invert all conditions from the currently selected node. This is the conditions equivalent to an "else" branch.

The model will not be changed.

Disclaimer: This tool does not provide a medical diagnosis or medical advice and is not a substitute for expert medical advice. This tool is intended for use by expert users in a research setting. EsyN does not verify the content of public models and is not responsible for their content.