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Version 2.0 - You can now start analysing your networks in esyN. Choose between degree, closeness and betweenness centralities or simply calculate the shortest path between two nodes.


Version 1.95 - Retrieve interactions directly from HumanMine, MouseMine and YeastMine!


Version 1.9 Released! Now it is possible to embed an esyN network in any HTML page. Read the documentation or visit your favourite network and click the "Generate embed link" at the bottom of the graph area and follow the instructions.


Version 1.8 Released! We have added the choice between high and low throughput when downloading the interactions from BioGRID and we have fixed a number of small bugs.


Version 1.7 reselased! We have added the experimental details of the interactions and fixed some other minor details


Version 1.6 reselased! In the Browse page - the networks are now organised in some broad categories (All networs, Neurodegeneration, H. sapiens, Model Organisms) - more will follow. We have also added the feature to disable the editing mode - so it will be easier to browse networks without unexpectedly adding nodes.


Version 1.5 reselased! Now its possible to automatically create a Graph from a list of genes.


Version 1.4 reselased. We have added the ability to search for interactions in many other organisms, the force directed layout, and we have added a direct link to our issues page in Bitbucket, so that anybody can let us know of any problems.


esyN - manuscript published:

PLoS ONE 9(9): e106035. (2014)


Version 1.3 reselased. We have added the ability to search node names in ensembl and updated the FAQs


Version 1.2 reselased. We have added new functionalities to the Explore page such as the search for nodes and the ability to sort the results according to project name, author name or publication date.


Version 1.1 released. We have added extra functionalities in the publishing tool. New features include the ability to add a description and 5 tags in each published network, and search among all the networks.


Version 1.0 of esyN released! We wellcome your suggestions and inputs. Please contact us at:


We Thank Carlo Pirchio for his help in styling our esyN logo